IPL auction date in 2022

Auction is the first step in the IPL, and it began 2-3 months before the IPL also auction decided the price of the player for their service in IPL and more. In an auction, the organizer players and many more teams are invited for the auction and they are also allowed to participate in the auction. 

The owners of the teams are allowed to participate and start the auction by calling the starting price, generally, the price starts from 20 – 25 lakh but it decreases or increases depending on the player.

Like every year this year is also going to be the auction for IPL 2022, the rules of the auction are very simple. Whichever owner wins the auction for a particular player.

For 2022 IPL auction has started and with this preparation of IPL is also started, and the price of players in IPL is also decided. The fans of IPL are excited for IPL, for there is little information regarding the IPL 2022 auction. 

Date of IPL auction 2022Date of IPL auction 2022

Auction is the time of excitement, joy, confusion, and heartbreak all the feelings are going to come at the same time. After the auction, the process of IPL will take up a speed and the preparation of IPL will begin as the teams of the IPL will finalize.

The date of the auction is the 12th and 13th of February, and there will be the presence of 10 franchises. These are the franchises that are going to participate in the IPL.

This auction is said to be a mega auction because in this auction there will be the presence of 600 cricketers and among them, only a few players will get the opportunity to play in the IPL. Hence this will also be a time of heartbreak for the players. 

Everything about the IPL auction will only be decided in two days which is mentioned above. The new players who will get to play in the IPL, are going to be recognized very easily as a cricketer.

Most probably after IPL, they will also get to play in other tournaments which will give them more opportunities. 

Place of the IPL auction Place of the IPL auction 

Now that you know the date of the auction, it is very important to know the place where the auction is going to take place. So this time the auction is going to take place in Bengaluru, in the presence of board members and other important franchises which are currently 10. 

This year in IPL 2 new franchises are added to the IPL, and the player who will get the opportunity to play in the IPL is going to be a millionaire in very less time.

However, the auction of the players also depends on the last performances of the players. Mostly, the young players who are under 19 get this chance to participate, and many times they come out to be the best player of IPL too.